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If you are willing to submit informative and high quality blogs/articles to help people resolve their problems and make their life easier through our blog, you are welcome.

What should you do if you want to write on our blog?

You must send the article to the e-mail: atozblogs.author@gmail.com. The article must be in Word format, and it must contain a royalty-free image that will be used as the featured image to liven up the article. All posts will be subjected to an approval process depending on the quality of information provided.

Topics you can write about:

We accept blogs/articles on a wide range of topics that can help our readers to make better decisions and further improve their life. You can also choose a topic of your choice and send us highly informative blog on the same. You can see the existing list of topic/categories on our site.

Characteristics of the articles to be published

To publish an article must meet the following characteristics:

  • It must be a completely original content of the person who sends the article.
  • The submitted article cannot be published in any other Blog, Website or Social Network.
  • The article must be approved in technical terms to guarantee the quality of the Blog.
  • The article must have at least 800 words if it is a blogger and 1,000 words if it is a company.
  • The article may have a maximum of two links per article inserted in their content.

What are the benefits of writing on our blog?

The benefits that you will receive when writing on our blog are:

  • Increase the relevant traffic with backlinks from our site.
  • The articles are promoted with my social network accounts, including Twitter, which has more than 400,000 followers interested in the topics of Community Manager, Social Networks and Online Marketing.
  • The articles published in the blog have an excellent positioning in search engines (SEO).
  • Strengthening of blog and social networks :
  • The article has an external link to the blog which generates traffic and improves its positioning in search engines.
  • The article has a link to the social networks of the blogger, which allows your community to grow.

We are open to all kinds of collaborations, so we look forward to your proposal. You must send the article/ proposal to the e-mail: atozblogs.author@gmail.com. We count on your participation!!!

Any questions? We’ll be glad to assist you.