7 Useful tips you should know if you are traveling to Thailand

1.- Take your time

Thailand is not seen in a few days, as tampco is simple adaptation. However, if you take a few days to pass beyond the typical streets of Bangkok, which is where everyone starts, a paradise to discover will unfold before you. Take a few days to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the capital. And do your best to spend at least one night on the famous Khao San Road.

All this before heading to the southern islands. Then we recommend traveling north to the second Thai city of Chiang Mai. To do both you will need at least two weeks; If you have three, add Kanchanaburi and the famous bridge over the river Kwai to your itinerary. A cinematic location can be the perfect colophon for a perfect route.

2.- Do not go crazy with the temples

Everyone knows that when you travel to Thailand you will find a country of temples. From the biggest to some that look like miniatures, our advice is that you do not stress for wanting to visit too many. Limit yourself to the most important ones like Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok, and Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya. Do not forget that traveling to Thailand is more than architectural splendor, life on the street and the beach are part of the experience and these destinations are not to be missed either.

3.- Enjoy his impressive street food, but be careful

The Thai street food is famous and very plentiful, usually high quality and surprisingly cheap. But it can also be a fast way to catch food poisoning. That is why we recommend taking sensible precautions such as washing your hands before and after, and above all: eating where there are many people; faster rotation means eating more fresh. And of course, in this country you can not afford to drink tap water . Keep this in mind when traveling to Thailand.

4.- Caution with mosquitoes

Traveling to Thailand means living with mosquitoes. But this does not mean you should resign yourself to being bitten. For this you can use a repellent spray with at least 50% protection during the day and 100% at night. You should also treat the clothes with a permethrin spray as soon as you arrive in the country. We recommend that you impregnate the entire topa and let it air a while on the outside, since the smell at first can be unpleasant.

5.- Do not miss a typical market of Thailand

Visiting an outdoor market is an obligation when traveling to Thailand. And here the tourist will find the best prices and often the best products. The whole country is a mecca for counterfeit products. Keep this in mind and think that what you are buying is unlikely to be true. In addition you must haggle down the first price at least a third. Some of the best markets are Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, Tha Kha Floating Market near Samut Songkhram and Chiang Mai’s Night Bazaar.

6.- At bedtime

If you have a limited budget you can plan to stay in hostels and guest houses. You just have to appear and request a room. This is the cheapest way to stay in Thailand, and thanks to the burgeoning tourism industry in the country it is unlikely that you will have trouble finding a bed.

You should bear in mind, however, that air conditioning often costs more. Although it is worth every cent. Especially during the hottest months of the year, which are there from May to October . If you are willing to spend a little more on your accommodation, book in advance mid-range or luxury hotels to get the best deals. Remember: traveling to Thailand can be very expensive, or can fit any budget. Provided you are a little proactive.

7.- The dangers of sex tourism

It is a fact that the sex industry is everywhere in Thailand. However, you must be very clear that prostitution is not legal there. In addition to possible police problems, there are numerous ethical issues involved, not to mention health and safety issues. So we recommend that you stay away from any environment that may seem like this.

You already know the main keys to travel to Thailand

Now that you know the main keys to travel to Thailand , we recommend that you follow these tips and for sure you can enjoy a truly dream trip.