In addition, although there are destinations to which it is better to go as a couple, or with friends, and are the most publicized, we also have many perfect places to travel alone. We have compiled a list of 11 ideal places for it, from an adventure in New Zealand to a relaxing getaway in Cinque Terre, Italy.

The best 11 destinations to travel alone and enjoy the experience to the fullest

1.- New Zealand

New Zealand offers a lot of adventure for the solo traveler. There is everything from bungee jumping and boat cruises, bike rides and walks to enjoy the wonderful scenery. Feel like a hobbit visiting typical places in the saga of Lord of the Rings. Nor will you realize that you have chosen to travel alone.

2.- The Norwegian fjords

The Norwegian fjords are places of general tourist interest. But it is also that the country is very safe to travel alone. In fact, all indices and studies give Norway a particularly high security rating and they clearly realize that the country has low crime rates.

3.- Switzerland

The landscapes of Switzerland are impressive, the country is small and public transport is incredibly efficient, which makes it an easy and accessible place to explore on your own. Accounts with charming cities such as Zurich and Lucerne that are ideal for strolling, shopping and enjoying a delicious meal. Traveling alone and enjoying the lijo is possible in Switzerland.

4.- Costa Rica

Costa Rica occupies the first place in the Happy Planet Index, which means that the inhabitants of the country lead long, happy and very sustainable lives Besides being a happy country, Costa Rica is also a great destination for adventure . You have endless options such as water sports, zip lines in breathtaking landscapes or the experience of walking through the famous Cloud Forest.

5.- Vienna

The city of Vienna is just one of the reasons why Austria is a good option to travel alone. The many luxury cafes in the city offer the best coffee and multiple delights. Also, here it is perfectly normal to enjoy a table for yourself.

6.- Cinque Terre in Italy

Cinque Terre is one of the most charming regions of Italy. The series of coastal towns that sit along the Italian Riviera unfolds in groups of colorful buildings and winding roads that sit on lush cliffs . One of those places where life is slower and the perfect place to walk in solitude.

7.- Bali

Some argue that the best way to experience a place as serene as Ubud, Bali, is to travel alone. And so you can also enjoy panoramic views such as the rice fields and the sacred monkey forest. It is also one of the most famous spa destinations in the world, dedicate a trip to pamper yourself, you deserve it.

8.- The Portuguese Algarve

Located on the southern tip of Portugal, in the Algarve region, the city of Lagos is known for its beaches and caves worthy of a postcard. Most people speak English. If you want something more besides the beach, there are also boat trips. As well as a town full of cobbled streets and many bars and restaurants where you will meet other lonely travelers tasting the wonderful cuisine of the area

9.- Vancouver, Canada.

A place like Vancouver has a vibrant city center but also a lot of outdoor options like Stanley Park. It is a perfect place for hiking. You also have Granville Island, home to numerous boutiques, restaurants, galleries and markets that you can visit at your own pace.

10.- Japan

Kyoto, Japan, having been the imperial capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years, there are many majestic temples, gardens and parks to see here. Japan is a very safe place to travel alone. Your people are respectful and very friendly.

11.- South Africa

Although some parts of South Africa are not safe enough to travel alone, the Kruger National Park is. Here you can enjoy a luxury safari; where the animals you will find in the place will replace any traveling companion you need.

You already know the best destinations to travel alone

Now all you have to do is choose a destination, take out your ticket and pack your suitcase. Remember that traveling is not an exclusive act to do as a couple, family or friends. Anyone can travel alone if he chooses the right place, and the plan to enjoy where he goes. Good trip!